Hello and Welcome to DevOps with Rakesh!

Hello and Welcome to DevOps with Rakesh!

Hello Everyone!

I'm Rakesh Jain, a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in DevOps. Many of you may already be familiar with me and have been following my DevOps-related articles on https://blog.learncodeonline.in/devops and following me on "X" https://twitter.com/devops_tech.

I am thrilled to introduce my new personal blog, where I am eager to share even more insights based on my extensive learning journey.

The multitude of new concepts, tools, how-to guides, and my enthusiasm to impart knowledge are all set to be unleashed. Your assistance and support are invaluable to me as I embark on this new venture.

Stay tuned, as a wealth of content is on its way.

Thank you!